Trust & safety

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We do our best to keep you safe & sound

Are the instructors on Kite Mavericks qualified?

Kite Mavericks operates across a range of countries, each of which has varying qualification requirements and regulations for kitesurfing.

Any instructor you see with an orange badge has been manually vetted by the Kite Mavericks teams and holds a recognised kitesurfing instructor qualification. We encourage all our instructors to ensure they conform to all local regulations and that they always conform to the highest safety standards.

What if an instructor’s qualifications haven’t been verified by Kite Mavericks?

If a profile does not have an orange badge, then they have not been manually vetted by the Kite Mavericks team and are yet to have their qualification verified, or they do not hold a kitesurfing instructor qualification.

As this is a platform for instructors and guides, you can still book these experienced riders if you're looking for a refresher, or someone to keep an eye on you. Alternatively these riders might have great local knowledge if you want a guide to show you the secret spots of your latest kiting destination and you're already of a higher standard.

You can view how much experience an instructor has from their profile as well as see their ratings and reviews before deciding if they're right for you.

What if I injure myself?

Like any extreme sport, we strongly suggest all students have their own insurance to cover against accidents & injury before partaking in any lesson or experience.

Payment security

Keeping your payments on the Kite Mavericks platform is essential for your own security. We have carefully selected a payment provider specialist that handles every aspect of the transactions a streamlined and secure manner.

Where does the money go? By entrusting Kite Mavericks to handle these transactions, both you as a customer and the instructor, as a supplier, are provided with significant security for all transactions that take place. All payments are escrowed and stored securely with our specialist provider and are only released to the instructor once the lessons have taken place.

Be Smart - there is always the potential that a scammer might try to manipulate you into a vulnerable situation where you can be taken advantage of. Any suggestion of a payment outside of the Kite Mavericks platform should not be taken lightly and should be reported to the Kite Mavericks support team.

Refunds & Cancellations

We want to make this platform work best for you. Therefore we provide 48 hour free cancellation after any booking.

We also understand the complications with kitesurfing lessons, we therefore provide free rescheduling due to weather or any other inability to complete the lesson, unfortunately a hangover does not count. If you cannot reschedule, contact the support team and we'll arrange a suitable solution for you.

Your payment will not be released to the instructor for 48 hours after your lesson time so you have this window to contact us should any issues arise. More information found within out T&Cs.

Stay safe

Like any platform, please be vigilant when arranging to meet an instructor and report anything suspicious immediately to us.

Be wary of new accounts with no reviews, meeting in suspicious locations or any messages which may be inappropriate.

Have Fun!

This platform is designed with your best interests at heart. We understand there is always room for improvement, so any suggestions please send them our way via the contact form. We will do our very best to make this the best kitesurfing platform out there for our users!