About us

Built by brothers

The first dedicated booking platform for kitesurfing

Our vision

Kite Mavericks is the passion project of two brothers mad about the ocean & avid fans of extreme sports. A simple idea born out of a common frustration whilst travelling the world looking for the next adventure.

Like any extreme sport, the first introduction is essential. We feel you deserve the very best care and attention when beginning your journey so we built a platform to help you achieve this.

As passionate kite surfers and adventurers, our goal is to make the most of every day. As kitesurfing is still a developing sport, we sometimes struggled to find the best local knowledge and local secrets for the kite spots we visited and spent hours trying to find the best local guides and instructors we actually gelled with.

So we decided to build a site to enable people to easily find and book these individuals and discover better experiences. We also want to make it much easier for instructors to travel the world and find business as they go. We're aiming to create a global kitesurfing community that anyone can tap into anywhere in the world, whether they’re a veteran of the sport, or a first timer.

Our mission is simple, to help people to learn the sport in the best possible way and then to go on to discover awe inspiring spots, other likeminded kiters and encourage the next generation to get out there and pursue their passion.

Meet the team!

Tristan - A seafarer often travelling the globe finding the best locations for kiting. Now living in the Canary Islands, a kitesurfing hub!

Favourite spot - Union Island, Caribbean

Piers - A former professional ski racer and investment banker. Now living in Lisbon enjoying the ocean life, surfing and kitesurfing on a daily basis.

Favourite spot - Jericoacoara, Brazil