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Sign up through the Kite Mavericks platform, enter all your details and remember to tick the box if you are a certified instructor. Once uploaded our team will verify your certificate and you'll receive an orange badge on your profile to indicate you are a certified instructor.

The sign up process is swift, so make sure to complete your profile when you log on for the first time. Include an eye catching profile picture, your location & then languages spoken. Next link your bank account details to our secure service provider - Stripe. You can edit all your personal information here at any time.

Once your profile is complete you'll appear in the search results for the destination which you entered. Customers can then enquire with you for further info or directly request a lesson. If requesting, this will appear under your lessons menu, where you can accept, decline or message the student for more information.

Students are required to make the payment before the lesson is conducted. Kite Mavericks charge 10% commission from each payment made. Please see our cancellation policy within our T&Cs for further info. Once a lesson is completed, we'll release payment to the instructor 48 hours later, unless questioned by either party.

Kite Mavericks goal is to improve how this sport operates, therefore your professionalism and enthusiasm is key. We are confident that as you work independently, you'll provide safe & exciting lessons for your students, including providing them with the necessary equipment they require.

Once completed please remind the student to provide you with a review to help improve your profile. You can also update the students progress card so they can continue their progress. The final stage is to enjoy a well deserved sundowner and a laugh with salty red eyes about the fun times you had.